It Is Not Supposed to Be This Way

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Matthew 27:57-66; Psalm 3:1-8 eath is an enemy, the ultimate antagonist that seems as if it will eventually claim victory over each of us. However, the truth remains, it isn’t supposed to be this way. Yes, death is a part of life marked by the fall, however, we should never believe the lie that this is how it was meant to be. I am certain that you have felt the sting of death in your life. Some of us are acutely aware of the pain of loss. I have experienced the evaporation of dreams and watched future plans crumble before me when my first wife of 17 years suddenly died leaving me not only a widower, but a single dad … Read More

The Daily Discovery (June 7, 2016)

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ARTICLES I LIKE FROM AROUND THE WEB: (Click title to go to full article) A Portrait of Faithful Ministry – “Paul’s epistle to the Romans is widely celebrated for its detailed treatment of gospel truth and exhortation to transformed biblical living. It was the section of Scripture that led to Luther’s salvation and lit the fire of reformation in his heart. It’s a book that has been used by God to save, edify, and instruct countless believers throughout the ages.” Peaceful Polemics Online – “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. This wonderfully pessimistic French phrase roughly translates to “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” It points us to one of the undeniable facts about … Read More

The Daily Discovery (May 23, 2016)

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ARTICLES I LIKE FROM AROUND THE WEB: (Click title to go to full article) Should You Use Illustrations from Movies? – “A good friend of mine asked me what I think of pastors using illustrations from movies in their sermons. My friend uses them because he thinks they are helpful in relating to a culture that increasingly has their worldview formed through entertainment. But I don’t buy it. In my experience, illustrations sparked by the golden screen (or Netflix, or what have you) generally fail, and are almost always unhelpful. Here are some reasons why…” A Call for Plodding Bloggers – “I believe that blogs have been a blessing to the church in the twenty-first century. Maybe I have to believe this since … Read More

“God, Why Am I Still in Debt?”

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he Ryle family had gone from riches to rags almost overnight. They had been a strong, vibrant Victorian family during the mid-1800s, but poor management of the family bank by the father, John Ryle, would plummet them into ruin. By June 1841, the business and the family were bankrupt. Ryle was left only with his wife and children, and two horses. The loss would be devastating for the whole family, but the humiliation would weigh especially heavy on their oldest son, John Charles. John Charles Ryle (1816-1900) had enjoyed the best of life. He had gone to the best schools, attended the finest gatherings, and partook in the luxuries of the elite. He fit the Victorian English model well. He … Read More