The Daily Discovery (September 16, 2016)

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ARTICLES I LIKE FROM AROUND THE WEB: (Click title to go to full article) Preaching Christ from the Old Testament: Interpretation vs. Application – “One of the more popular topics of discussion in the Evangelical world—especially in the world of evangelical preaching—is how to preach Christ from the Old Testament. I was reminded of this again the other day when I came across a video of Pastor Matt Chandler discussing differing methods of interpreting the Bible, and particularly the stories of the Old Testament. Check out the 3½-minute video…” How To Make The Bible Support Any Sexual Practice In 3 Easy Steps – “In the not-too-distant future, when the transgender wars are over and the stick figure placards for male … Read More

The Daily Discovery (August 25, 2016)

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ARTICLES I LIKE FROM AROUND THE WEB: (Click title to go to full article) One Very Good Reason to Read Your Bible – “There are some proverbs that practically beg for personal application. Proverbs 3:27 is one of them: ‘Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.’ That little maxim resonates in a hundred other passages including, of course, the Golden Rule and the second Great Commandment: ‘Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them’ and ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ Taken together, they reinforce the Bible’s clear emphasis on doing good to others, on living in such a way that we are … Read More

BLOCKED! Engaging False Teachers on Social Media

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have noticed a curious trend on social media as of late, one of which I have also been tempted to entertain.  The trend is this idea of purposely seeking to have one’s social media account blocked by any number of false teachers and heretics.  On its face this seems relatively harmless and, in fact, some may subconsciously think it to be an affirmation of one’s outstanding holiness or, even further, affirmation of their salvation. Brothers and sisters, this ought not be so. Please understand, I am not writing from a position of self-righteousness. I do not intend to somehow showcase my holiness by sitting on high and policing social media interactions.  Rather, I hope and pray this article will give … Read More

The Daily Discovery (August 18, 2016)

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ARTICLES I LIKE FROM AROUND THE WEB: (Click title to go to full article) Are We Physically Healed By Jesus’ Stripes? – “Most of us have heard of faith healers. They exist almost exclusively within the charismatic movement and claim to be divinely gifted to supernaturally heal the sick. For these miracle workers to have any longevity—some of them have thriving ministries that last for decades—they need to develop the illusion of legitimacy. Sensational claims and spectacular crusades certainly play a role in drawing an enthusiastic crowd. But enthusiasm only gets you so far; they also require a façade of biblical authority. And for many of these false teachers, Isaiah 53:5 is the go-to verse, ripped from its context and contorted … Read More

The Daily Discovery (August 16, 2016)

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ARTICLES I LIKE FROM AROUND THE WEB: (Click title to go to full article) Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs: Putting the Next 10 Popular Church Songs to the Test – “According to Mark Dever’s ministry 9 Marks, there is a distinct difference between a song that is written for the purpose of congregational worship, and a song that is written as a performance piece. ‘Performance music can focus our attention on the performers, or even the music, rather than God’ and it can ‘wrongly encourage a culture of passivity and entertainment.’” Social Media and Christian Discernment – “Almost overnight, the budding world of social media has revolutionized the way our culture communicates. Even our vocabulary has been affected. Suddenly, people … Read More

The Daily Discovery (July 15, 2016)

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ARTICLES I LIKE FROM AROUND THE WEB: (Click title to go to full article) How Should Christians Comment Online? – “Reading people’s comments online is an interesting and sometimes troubling study in human nature. And reading comments by professing Christians on Christian sites (as well as other sites) can be a discouraging study in applied theology. The immediate, shoot-from-the-hip nature of comments on websites and social media is what can often make them minimally helpful or even destructive. Comments can easily be careless. That’s why we must heed Jesus’s warning: ‘on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak’ (Matthew 12:36). This caution makes commenting serious business to God.” A Report on the Ark Encounter … Read More

Disagreement Without Division

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n my last article, I asked the readers to stop and give consideration to the practice of somewhat blindly following our internet inspired Christian leaders.  It is my sincere hope that the heart of that article was to suggest that we need a well-rounded, biblical perspective as we follow what appear to be biblical brethren who promote theologies we ascribe to.  It can be far too easy to believe such persons do not need to be questioned when they make certain statements, professions, or proclamations.  As we fall into the trap of thinking they cannot do anything wrong, we can easily promote division in the body of Christ as we grow suspicious of others camps of Christians who do not … Read More

70 [Twitter] Resolutions: Personal Guidelines for Online Interaction

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onathan Edwards was devoted to holiness, and one of the means by which he disciplined himself was by the use of drafting and following a series of resolutions. In his life, he would pen 70 of these resolutions. While he lamented his own struggle to keep them all, he still endeavored to strive for Christlikeness. In the wake of my #95TwitterTheses campaign last month, which was an attempt to introduce biblical prescriptions for interacting online, I followed it up with a series of #70TwitterResolutions. While the ‘Theses’ were derived from Scripture, the ‘Resolutions’ are my attempt to synthesize and apply the truths of Scripture. My purpose in tweeting these was to help clarify my own thinking as to how I … Read More

95 [Twitter] Theses: Biblical Prescriptions for Engaging Online

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here is a strange phenomenon that exists where Christians forget that they’re Christians the moment they login to social media. While this is certainly true of all venues, it is painfully true of Twitter. The very nature of Twitter lends itself to sharp, fast-paced banter; pithy statements and stinging comebacks. No doubt, Twitter was designed to be a conduit for fleshly impulses. But Christians are new creations (2 Cor 5:17). We are regenerated by the Spirit through the Son at the behest of the Father. Surely, as children of light, we are to live and speak and tweet righteously, with integrity and holiness. However, we have let ourselves slip into worldliness online. In many cases, we appear no different from … Read More