Preachers Will Be Judged More Harshly: And so will you, Small Group Leaders

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 love you. You read that correctly, I love you, each and every one of you; Christian, pagan, Muslim, friend, enemy, heretic, solid bible preacher, etc. I love you all the way Christ directs me to love you in scripture (1 John 4:7-8).  In particular, I love my fellow small group1 leaders for heeding the call Christ has placed on your life to take on the responsibility of leading a small portion of his flock, many times sacrificing personal peace and comfort in the process.  In fact, I love you so much that I feel led to ensure you fully grasp the weight of the position you occupy, as always, from a biblical perspective. The Bible says that preachers will be … Read More

O Brother, Where Art Thou… (Inclusive Spirit)?

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ne of the best concoctions of modern day Christianity is the advocating of small groups, also known as home groups.  Small groups are a wonderful way for those who attend a megachurch to connect with their brothers and sisters in Christ.  In fact, often times this group of 10-12 people will start to feel like family or almost like a “life group” of sorts; they do life with each other. The blessings from such a group can be incalculable and a very beneficial part of a Christian’s continued growth in Christ.  Of course, people are messy and there are going to be times where a group simply can’t, or won’t, get along and will eventually split.  But, that’s another issue for … Read More

Leading A Small (Home) Group: Are You A Dictator or Facilitator?

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I was asked to write a guest post over at the CPCC Groups page.  You can see a slightly abbreviated version there, or you may read it in its entirety below: hat is a leader?  The literal meaning as defined by Merriam-Webster is “a person who leads as a guide, commands authority, a first or principal performer of a group, or a conductor.”  Ponder for a moment, if you were to poll your group, would they answer in line with the definition of a leader? Noticeably absent from the description is the term “dictator”.  Unfortunately, those of us called to lead sometimes have the best intentions in mind but because of the pressure of presenting Christ to a group of … Read More