The Myth of the Self-Feeder

Nate PickowiczChristianity2 Comments

first heard the term “self-feeder” at large church I used to attend. It was a term tossed around freely, but never from the pulpit. It was a phrase used as a responsive device, never as an official church stance. Let me explain. A person attends for a certain amount of time and begins to develop the desire to grow. With the Sunday morning messages designed for “seekers”, our friend finds very little substance and looks for more. After a season of enduring the pastor’s weekly “sermonette”, our friend becomes frustrated, craving something deeper. They turn to one of the church leaders and complain, “I’m just not getting fed.” And this is where the pastor trots out the oft-used line: “Sunday morning isn’t … Read More

Andy Stanley, Megachurches, and the Bullying of Christ’s Bride

Nate PickowiczChristianity22 Comments

number of years ago, my wife and I were members of a large New England church; a “megachurch.” Now, it’s very important that I differentiate between a “large” church and a “megachurch” as it’s more than simply number of people in attendance each week. This church is what I would consider to be the latter. Some telling characteristics included: It was unashamedly modeled after Willow Creek. It was decidedly seeker-sensitive. It was contemporary, even cutting edge. Copies of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life were never in short supply in the church bookstore. Every ministry had a cool name and an even cooler slogan. They had exquisite coffee. You get the picture. After about four years, my wife and I were growing … Read More

An Open Letter to Andy Stanley

Tom BuckChristianity28 Comments

(After prayer and reflection, this open letter is to Andy Stanley regarding his recent sermon and subsequent Twitter apology.) UPDATE 03/05/2016: I want to publicly thank Andy Stanley for editing the sermon to remove the remarks he made about small churches. It is still my prayer that he will be willing to make a more public statement to let pastors of small churches know that he loves and supports them. But this is a wonderful thing Andy did and shows his true humility. I have found Andy to be more than willing to interact with those who disagree with him. I am so thankful for that. UPDATE 03/08/2016: Andy Stanley has expanded on his comments and initial apology here: Andy Stanley Explains … Read More

Perry Noble the Latest Mega Church Pastor to Scold Christians re: Gay Marriage

Will SandersChristianity28 Comments

n the wake of the Supreme Court’s gay “pseudo-marriage” ruling at the end of last month, it’s been nice to see Christians speaking out against the legalization of what God condemns. This historic ruling, unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime, has galvanized those on both sides of the issue. There is absolutely no room for “middle-ground.” You either support what I call “pseudo-marriage,” or you stand against it. But I have heard some Christians calling for the rest of us to be quiet on the issue. They say things like, “you won’t win anyone to Christ with talk like that.” To them I say, as Christians, we are called to respond to the society in which we live. Matthew … Read More