The Daily Discovery (October 24, 2016)

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ARTICLES I LIKE FROM AROUND THE WEB: (Click title to go to full article) Do You Set an Example in Your Conduct? – “Today I want to scare you a little. At the very least I want to intimidate you. Actually, I want the Bible to scare and intimidate you, to set a challenge so difficult that you’ll know you can’t possibly meet it on your own. This is a challenge for any Christian, but I’m directing it particularly at younger Christians, at people in their teens or twenties.” Twitter 101 – “Twitter is a powerful tool that helps me stay in contact with my friends, and simultaneously helps me be influenced by Christians leaders whom I respect. It has … Read More

Andy Stanley, Megachurches, and the Bullying of Christ’s Bride

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number of years ago, my wife and I were members of a large New England church; a “megachurch.” Now, it’s very important that I differentiate between a “large” church and a “megachurch” as it’s more than simply number of people in attendance each week. This church is what I would consider to be the latter. Some telling characteristics included: It was unashamedly modeled after Willow Creek. It was decidedly seeker-sensitive. It was contemporary, even cutting edge. Copies of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life were never in short supply in the church bookstore. Every ministry had a cool name and an even cooler slogan. They had exquisite coffee. You get the picture. After about four years, my wife and I were growing … Read More

A Call to Culture-Embracing Christians: Don’t Be A Demas

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2 Timothy 4:9-10  “Do your best to come to me soon.  For Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica…” The lights dim, a light fog envelops the stage, the wildly colored LED’s kick and begin to dart around in the fog like a fly trying to escape its captor’s bottle.  Just then, you hear the thump of the kick drum, the crescendo and rumble of the bass, the tickling of the ivory’s, the screech of the electric guitar!  A voice pierces the atmosphere, it’s not quite rock but not quite emo, and all parts awesome.  After 10 minutes of musical madness, a man steps on the stage, the man, where he begins his expository preaching and … Read More

Feel Like You’re Not Hearing From God? This May Be Why…

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James 1:21  “Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.” f you’re a practicing or former Evangelical Christian, I have no doubt you’ve heard someone utter the prayer, “Please, God, speak to me!  Let me know what it is you want for my life.”