The Daily Discovery (September 14, 2016)

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ARTICLES I LIKE FROM AROUND THE WEB: (Click title to go to full article) Code Orange Bible Challenge – “Grab your Bible or open your favorite Bible app and see if you can locate the Bible passages that teach these doctrines. Note: every one of these doctrines have been taught during the first 4 days of the Code Orange Revival and have been tweeted out by people following the Code Orange Revival. Doctrine #1…” Why You Should Read Through the Entire Bible as Fast as Possible – “This week the Foundry Bible Immersion began with seven new, courageous students who have left their homes and have moved to DC for 10 weeks of intense discipleship. This year we are blessed with an international … Read More

Walking Through Ephesians: A Devotional (Part 1A)

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magine a city with me for a moment. It’s a prestigious, major world capital. Being a bustling financial centre means it is quite a wealthy city as well. To throw something else into the mix, there are all kinds of spirituality on tap in this very pluralistic society. By God’s providence, you have the opportunity to write one letter – what do you write? I think if Paul were to write a letter to the Church in London, England (where I call home) in 2016, he’d probably write a little something like Ephesians and I imagine most cities and towns where my readers live would be little different. This is the first in a series of devotional expositions in Paul’s letter to … Read More

Book Review: “Sexual Fidelity: No Compromise” by Mike Abendroth

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t’s no mystery that we are living in unparalleled times.  The Industrial Revolution gave birth to the information age, which has brought us immeasurable benefits.  However, it has also provided culture the tools to sin in ways never imaginable before.  In the past year, the headlines have been bursting with news stories about sex. From the same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court, to the Josh Duggar sex abuse scandal, to the Ashley Madison website hack— we’ve simply been clobbered with the harsh reality that things are not getting any better with regards to sin, namely sexual sin.  Divorce rates are through the roof, co-habitation between unmarried couples is the societal norm, homosexuality is accepted in the public square, and … Read More