NIAW ’17: Sometimes There’s Never a Pregnancy

Rachel WilliamsChristianity0 Comments

have to be honest. Sometimes, one of the hardest aspects of infertility as a follower of Christ are the seemingly endless articles that go like this: “I can’t get pregnant. So I prayed really, really hard. And I asked my pastor/preacher/teacher/friend/husband/mentor to pray over me. And now my little bundle of joy is playing at my feet while I try to figure out the cutest way to announce baby #2 is on the way. Tee hee.” Or the women in churches who have had five children, and still claim to be infertile. If you have popped out five kids in less than eight years, you aren’t infertile. Or the pastors and well-meaning teachers who continually say, “Just keep praying, and … Read More