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B.A., Muhlenberg College, M.A., Trinity Theological Seminary


Pastor/planter of Harvest Bible Church in Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire. He also writes for and He and his wife, Jessica, have two children.

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In all cases of spiritual reform and revival, it is the faithful dispensing of the Word of God that has transformed hearts and minds. However, no single method of dispensation has had a greater impact than that of faithful preaching.Nate Pickowicz

About the Book

At one time in history, New England was a light to the nations. From its origination, the Northeast region has been a spiritual powerhouse, leading the way for Christianity to flourish in America and beyond. However, after three centuries of vibrant Christian influence, it encountered a perfect storm comprised of false doctrine, liberalism, and materialism, which crippled the church, and plunged the region into spiritual darkness.

In Reviving New England, Nate Pickowicz makes a case for the inestimable value of the region, and offers a series of biblical prescriptions for faithfulness. Revival is desperately needed—a mighty work of the Spirit of God to stir the hearts of the people. Now, more than ever, the church must devote herself to the Lord. Not only will the reader be encouraged and spurred on, but Reviving New England offers plausible steps for churches to rededicate themselves, be revitalized, or be planted anew.

This is a passionate call to action!

Reviving New England will you!


Steven J. Lawson


“[Nate Pickowicz] has done the church a great service by writing this plea that calls for another Great Awakening to come to this barren wasteland. However, this book is more than a plea. It contains a strategic plan for restoring God’s work in the Northeast. You will find that this book outlines the steps to be followed for the road to recovery. This work both diagnoses the fatal disease and prescribes the strong medicine needed for the healing of our churches in this day. It is a book that needs to be injected into your spiritual bloodstream and surge through your soul.”

“Nate Pickowicz dares to dream that New England can once again be ablaze with gospel light but, more importantly, tells the church what it will cost and how it can happen. This book neither longs for the revivalistic past nor laments that a post-Christian society cannot be reached. With a call to hope and holiness, his prescription is biblical, historical, practical, and essential. This could be the spark God uses to fan into flame a different kind of revival than New England has ever seen.”

Hershael York


Pastor, Buck Run Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY

Mike Abendroth


Pastor, Bethlehem Bible Church, West Boylston, MA; Host of No Compromise Radio.

“Biblical. Crisp. Fast paced. All these words describe Nate’s assessment of, and remedy for, America’s spiritual tundra, commonly referred to as New England. Reviving New England is both a theological and historical primer written from the perspective of a passionate insider. As you read this book, you can feel Nate’s heart burn for the salvation of souls and the Lord’s glory in the veritable graveyard of Christianity. Whether you want the Lord to revive the hearts of people in New England, or in your hometown, Reviving lays out the biblical elixir for God-honoring change. Maybe Gilmanton, New Hampshire will be famous for three things one day?”

“Is New England forsaken? Certainly not. The land of the Puritans can be revived. Nate Pickowicz beautifully shows us how.”

Todd Friel


Host of Wretched Radio/TV

Dave Jenkins


Executive Director, Servants of Grace Ministries; Executive Editor, Theology for Life Magazine

This book will help you discover what gospel-centered, gospel-driven ministry looks like from the Word of God. I commend Reviving New England to you and pray it will help you to understand the great need of the hour not only in New England but also in every community and the local church.

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