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“Well, I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world that have disease from their parents, that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically — delinquents, prisoners, all sorts of things, just marked when they’re born. That, to me, is the greatest sin that people can commit.”  – Margaret Sanger

For years Todd Friel and the team over at Wretched Radio and Wretched TV have led the way in educating American Evangelicals in all aspects of life as it pertains to living as a chosen child of God.  In that spirit, they have recently released the first episode of their newest, and most grand project known as Life Is Best, a 13-week pro-life television show, to equip the saints in the fight for protection of the unborn.  If you recall, back in April of this year I mentioned that Life is Best had begun recording and that the creators had three primary objectives in mind: save souls, save humans, and prepare Christians to defend every human’s right to life.  Since that time, host Scott Klusendorf has added a fourth objective which is to “put abortion clinics out of business.”

Indeed, those are noble and lofty goals, and with the release last week of Episode 1, which you may watch free of charge, we can now determine for ourselves if those objectives were met.  With each program at nearly 30 minutes long, and the entire 13-episode series available for pre-order at a price of $40, that’s less than a cup of coffee per program and a total of 6 1/2 hours of training and equipping to defend the Biblical position.


Todd Friel

It’s been said that the most dangerous place in America is inside a mother’s womb.  The truth in that statement is staggeringly appalling, though undeniable.  The reality is that if a woman chooses, for whatever reason, that she does not want that human inside her, she has a legal right to murder him/her in the name of convenience.  How are we as Christians to respond to such wickedness?  Can we make a Biblical case that life begins at conception?  After all, the most important question in the debate over abortion is not “…when is it” but “…what is it”.  As we’ll see shortly, Episode 1 of Life is Best tackles that question almost immediately.

Some may be reading this and asking, “That’s great and all, but the Christian’s primary objective is to spread the Gospel and proclaim the Word of Truth!. Will Life is Best do that?”  I’m glad you asked because if you know anything about Mr. Todd Friel, Executive Producer, you know his primary bent is evangelism.  “As the executive producer I’ll make sure that this program is gospel-centered and available in millions of homes.

Further, Producer Adrian Rink makes the comprehensive statement that, “Scott [Klusendorf] will teach us how to dismantle even the toughest pro-choice arguments by taking the pro-life position to college campuses, debates, and even abortion clinics.

With that background laid out, let’s dig in to [the 100% free] Episode 1 of Life is Best.

From the outset it is clear that Wretched intended to create something that had the feel of a top-notch television program.  The production quality is excellent and, while excellent production is not a Biblical requirement, it is certainly nice to see Christians doing things well to the glory of God.

The show opens with an ominous soundbite from Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger stating in a 1957 interview with Mike Wallace, “I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world that have disease from their parents, that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically — delinquents, prisoners, all sorts of things, just marked when they’re born. That, to me, is the greatest sin that people can commit.”

This is an important foundational truth because Mrs. Sanger is heralded by many as a hero and humanitarian.  In fact, there is even a statue of her inside the Smithsonian (which a number of black pastors have unsuccessfully attempted to have removed due to Mrs. Sanger racist leanings).  As the founder of planned parenthood, the argument could be made the that blood of the 58 million (and counting) dead babies since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 is on her hands.  So, again, it was a smart move to set that as the foundation and to do so in her own, audible words, not a written quote.  You are forced to endure the reality of those haunting words smacking you in the forehead.


Scott Klusendorf

After this haunting introduction, the show cuts to audio of Peter Heck using metal bee-bees to demonstrate just how many babies have been aborted as compared to lives lost in the major wars in history.  The audio is staggering.  Thus concludes the first three minutes of this 27 minute episode and already the depravity of man in the area of child murder is painfully clear.

At this point, Klusendorf makes clear the goal of Life is Best which is to answer the question “What is it?” in regards to whether conception produces a human being or a clump of cells.  For the first of many times throughout the episode, Klusendorf visits a local college campus to ask students this very question.  It is during these segments that we begin to fully understand the effect liberal college campuses are having upon the thinking, worldview, and mindset of America’s young adults in the area of abortion.

As the show cuts to a clip of Matt Chandler speaking on the sanctity of human life, it is clear a key component to Life is Best is to keep the show upbeat and moving.  Rarely is the viewer subjected to more than a minute or two long monologue, rather, the producers sprinkle in the aforementioned campus interviews, various pastors, and comments from Klusendorf.  This format has the (likely intended) effect of the 27 minutes going by very quickly.

Moving forward, the rest of the episode spends considerable time teaching people how to defend the pro-life position, and this is where the episode truly shines.  Megan Almon, of the Life Training Institute, guides the viewer through the “S.L.E.D.” acronym in responding to those who object to the baby in the womb being an actual person.  “When these objections come up, get on your S.L.E.D. and stay on it,” Klusendorf encourages as he introduces Almon.

S.L.E.D. stands for Size, Level of Development, Environment, and Degree of Dependency and Almon walks viewers through each simple concept in a way that is both informative and engaging.  She gives multiple examples of how to use this acronym to “swat objections” into it.  The practicality of these examples will inevitably prove to be one of the shows most valuable contributions as people are taught how to effectively defend the pro-life position.

With the ever-growing secularization of our society, we must expect to be further challenged on our Biblically based beliefs with each passing day.  Abortion is no exception to this reality and the lives of millions of babies depend on us proclaiming Gospel truth to this morally decaying society.  I would encourage any believer, for that matter any person who holds to the pro-life position, to grab a copy of Life is Best and learn why that position is the correct position and how to effectively defend it against those objecting.

Finally, it is at the very end of this episode where the evangelistic zeal of Friel and Wretched shines through like a beacon in the night (much like at the end of each chapter of Friel’s book Jesus Unmasked).  Klusendorf notifies the viewer that if they’ve previously had an abortion, there is good news for them!  Paul Washer then masterfully delivers a full Gospel presentation to conclude the episode, bringing hope and the healing balm of Jesus Christ’s work on the cross to even the most wicked of sinners.

One cannot help but wonder with anticipation what Episode 2 of Life is Best might bring.

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