Anniversary: We’re Turning One!

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James 1:17 [ESV]  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

It never ceases to amaze me what can happen in a year’s time.  Exactly one year ago today I created my account with WordPress and had no idea what the future held for this website or even what I planned to do with it.  I spend countless hours each week in prayer and studying the Word of God and figured I could write articles based on the hundreds of pages of notes I take.

Interestingly, I had come to realize around that time that my theological understanding and framework was quickly growing at odds with my local church.  So, in order to prevent any controversy, I began by writing what essentially amounted to two self-help articles regarding budgeting and time management.  I immediately grew weary of such topics and began looking around me for biblical topics to address.  This search led me to my next to articles regarding small group leadership and studying the Bible.  Having no formal writing training whatsoever, those first few articles leaned heavily on quotations from reputable sources like John MacArthur, rather than original content.  Humorously, those four articles to this day have less than 500 page visits combined while my 50 Shades of Grey article is pushing 50,000 page views across multiple sites.

About four months into the site, being a tech geek, I bought a microphone because I thought it might be fun to try to record a podcast.  Interestingly, I began by reviewing sermons Fighting for the Faith style until I realized that Chris Rosebrough is a much better man for that job and started creating my own content.  Since then, I’ve been very fortunate to have some amazing guests on the program such as Falsified Ministries, Erin Benzinger, Emilio Ramos, and Gabe Hughes.  I pray it continues to be edifying to saints and convicting to sinners.

Sadly, as this site and podcast became more popular, the differences with my local church only grew greater and became a point of contention as fellow congregants began to read and listen.  Since leadership vehemently disagrees with many of my theological positions, this became problematic.  It would not be appropriate to recount the details of that story here, but we have since moved on after nine years and by the grace of God have landed at a wonderfully faithful church in the same town.

Again, a lot can happen in a year’s time.  In fact, Pastor Jordan Hall over at the Pulpit & Pen invited me to become a contributor and I’ve enjoyed my brief time there greatly.  Those men have a zeal for the Lord and aim to proclaim his truth tirelessly.  It’s hard for me to believe that someone would ask me to write for them in less than a year of formal writing.  All glory to Him.

What does the future hold for and the Fire Away! podcast?  It’s hard to say, but here are a few things I would like to accomplish in the coming year:

  • Begin uploading the hours of street evangelism I’m recording (think Way of the Master/Wretched Radio style).
  • Pen more articles of the teaching genre.  I enjoy writing about current events, but I plan to get back to the primary purpose of this blog which is to put my study notes into article format for the edification of others.
  • I read… a lot.  I hope to start penning reviews of the books I consume such that others with like interests may be spared the laborious search.  I’ll never be Tim Challies or Aaron Armstrong, but maybe it will help a few.
  • Continue improving on the Fire Away! podcast and hopefully having the opportunity to interview even more faithful men and women of God.

Finally, I want to thank you who visit this site and listen to the podcast.  While I do not do this for the page views or number of listens, it pleases me to know that at least a few benefit from my toil.  Sincerest thanks to you all for taking time from your busy lives to read or listen to my musings on the faith and American Evangelicalism.

I look forward to a blessed sophomore year in which Christ continues to be loudly proclaimed and the Truth of the Gospel saturates all that I do.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Landon Chapman

Landon Chapman

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Founder of Entreating Favor, writer, and host of the Fire Away! podcast. He is an architect by vocation and professes the Bible to be the infallible, inerrant, Word of God. He and his wife Holly have two children.

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  1. Congrats brother! Your article both encouraged, and inspired me to continue to seek the Lord, and His will for my life. I look forward to both reading your articles, book reviews, and listening to your podcasts. To God be the glory!

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