[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 033 – A Fool for Christ: 5 Witness Encounters

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Show Notes


  • On today’s show Landon plays and critiques five witness encounters he recently recorded in downtown Indianapolis.  He stumbles his way through, but it goes to show you don’t have to be “polished” to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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[00:09:13] Topic 1: Good Example from Todd Friel

  • Todd talks to a college student.

[00:18:10] Topic 2: A Roman Catholic and an Agnostic

  • This one gets off to a rocky start but Brother Paul saves the day and brings the Gospel.

[00:37:58] Topic 3: Sasha, An Angry Jewish Man

  • Sasha knew what to expect from Protestant Evangelists.  This encounter ended abruptly…

[00:47:54] Topic 4: Two Young Charismatic Girls

  • Allison and Page approached Paul and Landon to be interviewed.  They were also witnessing on this day but their theology is a bit off.

[00:58:35] Topic 5: Victor the Asian-Australian

  • Landon did not have the opportunity to express the Biblical response to Victor, but the conversation was fruitful, nonetheless.

[01:13:21] Topic 6: Eight Middle-School Kids

  • Paul approached a group of eight middle school children to talk to them about the Gospel.

 Resources Mentioned During the Show

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 General Information

Landon Chapman

Landon Chapman

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Founder of Entreating Favor, writer, and host of the Fire Away! podcast. He is an architect by vocation and professes the Bible to be the infallible, inerrant, Word of God. He and his wife Holly have two children.

4 Comments on “[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 033 – A Fool for Christ: 5 Witness Encounters”

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  2. My favorite segment of Wretched Radio is Witness Wednesday. While I find it refreshing to hear someone self-critique, I also want to remind you to cut yourself some slack, God the Holy Spirit opens the ears of the hearer and does the work of salvation through His Word, we are granted the opportunity to be participating vessels, stewards of His Grace. You did well, brother, and I look forward to hearing more. Be blessed.

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