[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 015 – Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (Preferred Religion of Western Culture)

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  • On today’s show Landon discusses the preferred religion of Western Culture known as Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, which sometimes goes by the name Christianity.  Then, he moves on to the conclusion of our 7-part study of Roman Catholicism.

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[00:05:39] Topic 1: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (Preferred Religion of Western Culture)

  • As many new Christians study and learn more and more, many things surprise them.  Perhaps, however, nothing catches them more off-guard than a strange phenomenon observed among “church folks”.  Researches have come to refer to this phenomenon as “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism”.  It happens to be the preferred religion of Western Culture, which usually (and tragically) goes by the name Christianity.

[00:21:39] Topic 2: Are Roman Catholics Saved? A study of Catholicism. (Part 7, Conclusion)

  • Witnessing to Roman Catholics
    • Speak of the Bible as the authority by which we judge spiritual truth.
    • Quote scripture whenever possible.
    • Focus on their works and ask if they are being good enough to merit their place with God.
    • Focus on the work of Jesus on the Cross as the answer to their inability to do enough good works.
    • Be respectful of Mary, but still focus on Christ.
    • Listen to what they are saying.
    • Ask questions to clarify.
    • Admit if you don‘t know something – but go find out!
    • Pray for direction from the Holy Spirit according to God‘s word.
    • Pray for their salvation.
  • The Gospel for Roman Catholics
    • Because of the great emphasis on Sacred Tradition within the Catholic Church and because so many Roman Catholics appeal to the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, the Word of God is often placed after the Catholic Church itself in relation to authority. Because of this, many Catholics appeal to their works, in combination with the sacrifice of Christ as a means of being justified before God.
    • The Gospel for Roman Catholics is the same as for anyone else and it is obtained by grace through faith in believing and trusting in Jesus alone, who is God in flesh, for the forgiveness of sins. Salvation is not found in a true church. Salvation is not found in being good. Salvation is not found in good works. Salvation is not found in a sincere heart. Salvation is not found in making up for past sins by efforts of restoration, or penance, or indulgences. You can never do enough to please God.
    • Remember, when witnessing to Catholics, be polite, gentle, and stick to God‘s word.  If you don‘t know something, admit it and go get an answer. Pray for the person with whom you share the truth faith.

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