[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 014 – Christians and Psychics/Mediums

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  • On today’s show Landon discusses a question from a listener on whether or not Christians should be okay with visiting psychics and mediums.  We then dive into part six of seven in our Roman Catholicism study and discuss the Mass and it’s re-sacrifice of Christ.

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[00:05:53] Topic 1: How should Christians feel about using psychics and mediums?

  • I received an email from a woman wondering if Christians should be able to use psychics/mediums and shows like “Long Island Medium”.  Here’s her question in its entirety.  Listen in to the program for a full addressing of her concerns.
    • “I have always loved watching long island medium and angels among us. For some reason now I am really bothered by the shows. Do you believe that these women can really talk to the dead?  If so I don’t understand how they keep bad spirits out if they open that gateway?  I guess what I am trying to say is I am not sure if the things they do are real or fake or even godly at all. It actually concerns for people that have these “readings” done by them. My guy makes me feel like its something evil and ungodly. Am I wrong?  I am not saying that angels are never in our presence but for a person to believe that well like me my dad died I feel like it is a crazy thought to think he is my guardian angel considering I don’t know where my father even was with god when he died.  I once was fascinated by these shows and now I feel a fear of watching them because I feel there is something evil amongst what they do.  Thanks I am going through some really emotional things period right now family wise I feel lost I’m trying to find my way through god but I feel like he isn’t hearing my prayers just need extra guidance and reassurance.”

[00:25:06] Topic 2: Are Roman Catholics Saved? A study of Catholicism. (Part 6, The Mass)

  • According to Roman Catholicism, the Mass is an act of worship that centers on the “Eucharist” (the communion of bread and wine) where faithful Catholics gather to participate in receiving the Lord‘s body and blood, the actual body and blood of Christ.
    • During the liturgy of the Mass, at the point of consecration the priest is supposed to repeat the words that Christ gave at the Last Supper, and by the authority given him by the church, he transforms the bread and wine into Christ‘s actual body and blood. This transformation is called Transubstantiation and the Roman Catholic Church has much to say about it.
    • According to Roman Catholicism, the bread and wine contain the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus; that Jesus is present under the bread and wine; that if you say there remains bread and wine in the elements, then you are to be cursed; and that you are to render to it the worship oflatria, worship given to God alone.
      • This last statement about worshipping the host elements has given rise to the Monstrance, an exceedingly ornate container which has at its center, the Eucharistic wafer. The Monstrance is often elevated and worshipped and during a procession.
    • According to the New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism, Vol. 2, question 357, “The mass is the sacrifice of the new law in which Christ, through the Ministry of the priest, offers himself to God in an unbloody manner under the appearances of bread and wine. The mass is the sacrifice of Christ offered in a sacramental manner; the reality is the same but the appearances differ.”

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