[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 011 – Rick Warren Unashamedly Blasphemes God

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  • On today’s show Landon discusses the blatant blaspheming of God by Rick Warren and Russell Moore by taking part in the Vatican synod on marriage.  Then, he moves into part 3 (Rome’s claimed authority) of the study on Roman Catholicism and how, as Protestants, we do not have any business endorsing or tolerating this theological cult.

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[00:02:29] Topic 1: Rick Warren Unashamedly Blasphemes God

  • Rick Warren is well-known for his growing ecumenical ways and this week’s trip to the Vatican is the most egregious to date.  One of the lowlights was Pastor Warren referring to the Pope as “the Holy Father”.  This, friends, is what is known as blasphemy.

[00:15:28] Topic 2: Are Roman Catholics Saved? A study of Catholicism. (Part 3, Authority)

  • We continue our multi-session study on Roman Catholicism and why it is not Biblical, nor is it in accord with the Bible.
    • The only tenable position for Protestants in regards to the Roman Catholic church is that we are not the same. To say that Roman Catholics and Protestants are “together” is a logical impossibility. The official RCC doctrine does not adhere to scripture as directed in 1 Cor. 4:6.
  • Today we specifically focus on how Roman Catholics exalt their leaders to an equal level with God.
  • The Roman Catholic Church claims that it has the authority as the one true church to represent God on earth, rightly interpret Scripture, administer the sacraments, absolve sin, distribute grace, marry, annul, and discipline. (CCC, par. 88)
  • The Roman Catholic Church says its authority comes from Christ who commissioned Peter to be the Rock and it is upon Peter that the Church is built. (CCC, par. 552)
  • This authority carries over to the interpretation of Scripture and Tradition in its Magisterium, the body of Bishops headed by the Pope. (CCC, par. 1008)
  • The RCC claims that it possesses the authority to occupy the offices of the church which were instituted by Christ and that its Bishops must be listened to as one would listen to Christ.  (CCC, par. 862)
  • The Rock “petra” that Jesus was referring to was the truth that Simon Peter said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God,” (v. 16). It was not “petros” (Peter) that the church would be built on. It was the petra, the truth that Jesus is the Christ.
    • Furthermore, the word petros is used to designate a small stone and petra is used to designate a large mass of rock. Jesus was not saying that the church will be built upon the small stone known as Peter. He was saying it would be built on the massive foundation of Jesus being the Christ, the Anointed One who would be the foundation of truth upon which the Church would be built.
  • If Jesus gave the keys to Peter so he could loose and bind and it was upon Peter‘s authority that the RCC builds its case for its authority, then why did the rest of the disciples also have that same authority given to them later on? Remember, the RCC doesn‘t say the church is built on the apostles, but upon Peter because Peter had the keys, and the Pope is his successor. (CCC, par. 936; CCC, par. 882)
    • The RCC makes great claims. But the truth is that Peter is not the foundation of the Church and it is not he alone who has the Keys to the Kingdom of God. The disciples had the keys too, and we, as disciples of Christ, likewise have those keys.
  • According to the RCC, “…the Roman Pontiff, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ, and as pastor of the entire Church has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered…” (CCC, par. 882)
  • According to the RCC, when the Pope speaks “ex cathedra” (from the chair of authority), he cannot err in matters of doctrine. If he cannot err when he speaks in this manner, then whatever he has proclaimed cannot be revoked. His declarations are “irreformable”. This essentially means that the Pope’s words are equal to God’s words because they cannot be challenged!
    • Not only must the Catholic submit to and agree with all statements made by the Pope when he speaks on issues of Faith and Morals in the official capacity as Pope, the Catholic must also accept and obey what the Pope says when he is not speaking “ex cathedra”.
      • So a true Catholic cannot be a regenerate Christian.
  • Pope Pius XI taught that we need to make satisfaction for our sins against God! But, this is wrong! Jesus is the one who makes satisfaction for our sins, not us. We are not able to satisfy God‘s holy requirements and so make a sacrifice of any sort by which our sins can be undone.

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