[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 007 – ‘Judge Not That You Be Not Judged’

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  • On today’s show Landon discusses the topic of judging and whether or not Christians are called to judge.  Most Christians have been called judgmental at one time or another so he’ll biblically address this topic in-depth.  Also, he discusses the story of David and Goliath.  You might be wondering why in the world he’d discuss such an elementary Bible story.  The reason is because there seems to be a large group of Christians who think that they are David and their problems in life are Goliath.  In fact, many pastors relay this from their pulpits.  This is simply not the case and it’s a misunderstanding of the Bible to think that way.  He’ll lay out exactly how and why that is the case.  Finally, he unpacks exactly what he means when he so often refers to his disdain for “decisionism theology”. What is it and why is it dangerous?

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[00:04:05] Verse of the Day

  • Matthew 7:1 [ESV] “Judge not, that you be not judged.”
    • The bottom line is that Christians are absolutely called to judge other believers, but we must judge rightly, not hypocritically. We are not to judge non-believers, rather, we are called to preach the Gospel to them at all times.

[00:07:31] Topic 1: Christian Judging

[00:33:55] Topic 2: David & Goliath

  • We are not David, our problems in life are not Goliath!
    • How many times have you heard someone in your church say that you can overcome your difficulties if you just imagine yourself as David and your troubles in life as Goliath. Naturally David slays Goliath so, if you have enough faith, you can slay your worldly problems!
      • Little guys win all the time. It’s not like David was incapable.
  • If we think of David beating Goliath as an underdog story, then we’ve completely missed the point
    • David wasn’t merely defying the odds to beat Goliath, he was the only person who could have possibly pulled it off!
  • David is a picture of Christ!
    • He was the substitute who delivered the Israelites from certain defeat at the hands of the Philistines.
      • Just as Christ is the substitute that delivers us from the wages of sin!
  • Christ, therefore, is the greater David
  • We must remember that the entire bible points to Christ!
  • David, the shepherd of sheep, Jesus the shepherd of our souls.
  • David the king of Israel, Jesus the King of the spiritual realm and the universe.

[00:40:36] Topic 3: Decisionism Theology

  • In the last couple sermon reviews and throughout many of the podcast episodes to date, I have mentioned that I loathe “Decisionism Theology” and the “sinner’s prayer”.  However, I’m not sure I’ve ever properly explained what I mean by “Decisionism Theology”.
    • This is a form of either the Pelagian or Semi-Pelagian heresy.
  • The Pelagian heresy denies that men are born dead in trespasses and in sin.
  • So, you have to understand that we are all born as dead men walking.
    • In other words, when it comes to the things of God, we are dead in trespasses and sin.
      • As a result of it, we are not the ones who make decisions for God! God is the one who elects, chooses, and regenerates us!
    • If you are born dead in trespasses and sin, you don’t make decisions for God, God is the one who has to regenerate you and make you alive in Christ for you to have faith.
      • It’s a gift. It is not something that is an exercise of your will!
  • So, men like Perry Noble, Steven Furtick, or Steve Poe (who we’ve been reviewing recently) and countless others are proponents of the Pelagian or Semi-Pelagian heresy.
    • Basically they deny what scripture says, that people are born dead in trespasses and sin and that it’s God who regenerates. So, all of their evangelism is geared towards getting people to make decisions.
  • What the bible actually teaches is called Monergism.  Monergism is this idea that God is the one, solely, who regenerates and gives faith to people, it’s not an exercise of human will.
    • The Gospel of John actually bears this out.
  • So because evangelicalism either denies this or doesn’t understand this, they think evangelism is doing whatever it takes for somebody or help somebody “make a decision for Jesus”.  And that’s simply false.
  • Preach the Word, preach the Gospel, and God will draw those he chooses to himself.

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20 Comments on “[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 007 – ‘Judge Not That You Be Not Judged’”

  1. We are not called to judge. But to deliver, by that I mean if you see your brother sinning take your word which is the Bible and show him the verse. You are Not to judge him for the sin but correct him in holiness and love him anyway.

    1. Agreed Sally, but what you described is making a judgment that your brother is in sin. The key distinction is judging rightly vs. being hatefully judgmental.

      Sincerest thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. No . I would be if the sin weren’t biblical. If it is the in the written word that is not being judgemental it is being on the word of God not myself.

    1. I agree 100%. I think we’re saying the same thing here. You and I both seem to agree that being “judgmental” is a sin of pride, but to make a right judgment based solely on the Scriptures is not only permitted, but commanded.

  3. Biblical word is what everyone should base all questions. I would never take it upon myself to hate a person for sinning because at one point in time I myself and everyone else has sinned. But when you correct someone with love in your heart and do so carefully, but if you say you sinner how dare you sin in such then you will be judged because you have more then probably just caused this person to turn away from God and you are to be then going to have to answer to God, fir the soul you turned away from him.

    1. Could not agree more, Mrs. Idol. Thank you for the chat and thank you for taking the time to visit my little slice of the web. As they say, iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17).

  4. In your self rightous answer you without a gental loving explaination have just judged me so who are you that you can judge and get away with it?

    1. I’m sorry if I came across self-righteous, that was in no way my intent. I wasn’t trying to judge you at all, in fact I was agreeing with you and thanking you for your comments.

  5. Really not trying to be a terrible person I just wanted to show you how easily it is to judge another’s actions and do so without being aware of it. So if we intend to speak to another about their sin make sure as the bible says to get the log out of our own eye before we try to tell someone about the mote in someone else’s eye really again so sorry I called you self rightous.

    1. No need to apologize my friend. 🙂 Typing is tough sometimes because you can’t hear the person’s voice inflection. Again, I truly appreciate your comments and sincerely thank you for taking so much time to express your thoughts.

  6. The holy spirit will not let me rest until I text you are possibly. Dealing with something that has kept you in some type of perplextion. I’m not really sure because he says you have to speak to me yourself. It has to be you who tells me what you are dealing with. Of you chose not to that’s fine but if you chose to talk about this you can text me or we will figure something out how to help you with whatever your dealing with. Just let me know what I can do to help you

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