[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 005 – The Biblical Requirement of Church Discipline

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Program Segments:

  • [00:01:50] What is church discipline and why is it important?  Is it possible to properly employ this Biblical requirement in today’s megachurches?  Landon discusses a 8-part article on this topic written by Jon MacArthur over at GTY.org.
  • [01:22:45] Verse of the Day: When Luke 11:9 says “ask and ye shall receive”, it is not suggesting that we will literally receive everything our deceitfully wicked hearts desire.
Landon Chapman

Landon Chapman

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Founder of Entreating Favor, writer, and host of the Fire Away! podcast. He is an architect by vocation and professes the Bible to be the infallible, inerrant, Word of God. He and his wife Holly have two children.




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