[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 003 – The Sinner’s Prayer Sends People to Hell

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Program Segments:

  • [ 02:11 ] Jesus is all over the place in the Old Testament.  In fact, the Bible is one long scarlet thread that talks about Jesus.
  • [ 16:17 ] The sinner’s prayer has sent more people to hell than anything else in the modern age.  What does the Bible have to say about how one gets saved?
  • [ 58:11 ] Verse of the Day: Romans 8:28 does not apply to just anybody.


Landon Chapman

Landon Chapman

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Founder of Entreating Favor, writer, and host of the Fire Away! podcast. He is an architect by vocation and professes the Bible to be the infallible, inerrant, Word of God. He and his wife Holly have two children.



12 Comments on “[Fire Away! Podcast] Episode 003 – The Sinner’s Prayer Sends People to Hell”

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  4. Discovered your site today, loved what I read so downloaded the app…but the podcast won’t load. Is it available on iHeartRadio? I’ve got an Android so I can’t use iTunes.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Brian. Thanks for letting me know about the app, not sure why it’s failing.

      You can find the podcast on Stitcher as well or using the RSS feed In a podcatcher app of some kind using this address: http://entreatingfavor.com/feed/podcast/

      I’m in the review process for iHeartRadio. Hope to hear from them soon.

      And thanks again for the encouragement.

    2. I’ll definitely check that out. I actually found your site because I have my own biblical analysis site and have a section where I talk about misquoted and out-of-context verses, and I google’d that looking for ideas for posts. Your article on it was the best I’d seen on the subject. It didn’t feel like a condescending professor was telling me it, but more like a normal human being was writing. That makes a huge difference.


    3. Oh, I know what you mean. Sometimes when I’m typing posts it feels like I’m trying to be better than anyone. Usually try to avoid using personal examples or saying “I”, “me”, etc. Kind of had to use personal examples for the “Root of all Evil” post, but that’s an exception.

    4. Thanks for checking it out. I’ve got a Christian playlist on the side of the page. I wouldn’t ever be able to do something like a podcast. Not a public speaker…lol

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