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Does Sermon Prep Get Easier? – “The right kind of experience is always a good thing. We have all known what it is to try something for the first time and to feel like we’re all thumbs. Then, with a little practice, whatever it was that seemed so difficult becomes second nature. Is it like that with sermon preparation? Can I expect that the longer I preach, and the more times that I prepare sermons, the easier it will become to be ready by Sunday? I would answer, yes and no.”

Anger is Learned – “Early this morning I finished reading the most recent book from David Powlison on the subject of anger. I’ve been tackling a small section with each of my devotions and ab-so-lute-ly loved the journey. Dr. Powlison is the executive director of the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation (CCEF). He had worked for four years in psychiatric hospitals, during which time he came to faith in Christ; he is a former pastor with over thirty years of counseling experience.”

Book Review: Reviving New England. (Why Women Ministry Leaders Should Read This Book) – “Early in 2016 I was introduced to Nate Pickowicz via a viral Facebook post that included a ‘heresy’ stamp. Someone had made a book stamp for him that read ‘Heretical: For Research Purposes Only.’ I loved it! But I had no idea who Nate Pickowicz was.”

Gospel Artists, Please, Pick a Side! – “Have you heard the one about the Civil War soldier who couldn’t decide whether he wanted to fight with the Union or the Confederates? So he wore Confederate gray pants and a Union blue jacket to war. And he was shot by both sides! I imagine this is how Gospel Music artists often feel. Many Gospel artists feel their gifts and work are unappreciated by the church and disrespected by the world. They really don’t know which side to fight for. But, with all due respect, this local pastor and passionate fan begs you to pick a side!”

One Small Step for DNA, One Giant Leap for Man’s Brain – “Scientists, led by Max Planck Institute’s Wieland Huttner, have identified a gene that triggers a human embryo to grow the vast supply of brain cells that largely forms the foundation for our braininess. The same gene is found in modern humans, Neanderthals, and Denisovans. Called ARHGAP11B, Huttner says this is ‘the first human-specific gene where we could show that it contributes to the pool of basal brain stem cells and can trigger a folding of the neocortex. In that way, we managed to take the next step in tracing evolution.'”


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“All death can do to the believer is deliver him to Jesus.  It brings us into the eternal presence of our Savior.” – John MacArthur