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A Christmas Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Nativity Story? – “How well do you know the nativity story? This short quiz is designed to help you find out! It poses 25 quick questions based on the Bible’s accounts of Jesus’ birth. Take the quiz, share the quiz, enjoy the quiz! Best of all, let the quiz take you to the Bible to read more about this miraculous story.”

The Incarnate Image of God – “At Christmas most of the world sees Jesus as a baby in a manger—nothing more. But considering its innate love for sin and hatred for God, we should not be surprised by that shallow perspective. What ought to concern us is that many believers fall into the same myopic trap around this time of year. Caught up in the trappings and traditions of the season, they quickly lose sight of why we’re celebrating Christ’s birth in the first place. In simple terms, their emphasis on Christ’s infancy blinds them to His supremacy.”

What’s the Very First Time We See a NT Book Used as Scripture? My Article in the Festchrift for Stanley Porter – “Few issues in the study of the NT canon have generated more discussion (and disagreement) than that of the canon’s date. When were Christian writings first regarded as ‘Scripture’? When was the first time we can see that happening?”

Four Things That Will Be Missing from Your Family Christmas Party – “Celebrating Christmas is always a joy for our family. Our children have followed in their parent’s footsteps by enjoying all of the festivities of Christmas. This week will be a full week of parties, family gatherings, gift exchanges, and worship services. As we make our plans for this weekend and next Sunday, all plans revolve around the gathering of our church family. Yes, I know, I’m a pastor, so that’s to be expected—right? Maybe, but I would hope it would be the same if I worked as a mechanic, a car salesman, a doctor, or a lawyer too. Many churches are canceling services on Christmas in order to celebrate Christ’s birth at home. Does it really matter? Does the church do anything that my family can’t do at home?”

Charles Spurgeon’s Love-Hate Relationship With Christmas – “Charles Spurgeon had a love-hate relationship with Christmas. Because of the Roman Catholic influence over Christmas festivities (especially in England at that time) he wasn’t a huge fan of it and went back and forth over encouraging his congregation to celebrate Christmas.”


Paul Washer – God the Just and the Justifier of the Wicked


Did a lightbulb just go off for this nice young lady?

No, Jesus is not a myth.

“All death can do to the believer is deliver him to Jesus.  It brings us into the eternal presence of our Savior.” – John MacArthur