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Love & Bragging – “It was early on in our church planting endeavors. Our sapling church was hardly standing. Many had come and even more had gone. It was a painful time for me. But not always for righteous reasons. I ached that the sapling was so small, numerically. I sorrowed over so few staying. Church-planting and ministry friends would ask the dreaded question: ‘So how is the church plant going?’ ‘Uh, fine. Sort of.’ Which lead into the next, more-dreaded question: ‘How many people are attending now?’ ‘Uh, well, at one point we had, like, 50ish.'”

What Does It Mean for an Overseer to be “Above Reproach” and “Well Thought Of By Outsiders”? – “Let’s start with what the requirements cannot mean. Surely, Paul is not saying that a man who would serve as an elder or pastor must be without any enemies or any accusations, for elsewhere in his correspondence to Timothy, Paul intimates that many have opposed him, deserted him, and been ashamed of him (2 Tim. 1:8, 15, 16; 4:10, 14-16). Moreover, we know from Paul’s other letters he was accused of being everything from fickle and foolish, to overly weak and overly harsh (2 Cor. 1:12-23; 10:1-10).”

Should Christians Cremate Their Loved Ones? – “My proposal in this article is that Christian churches be willing to help families financially with simple Christ-exalting funerals and burials, so that no Christian is drawn to cremation because it’s cheaper. I’m not thinking mainly of a line-item in the budget, but of a segregated compassion-fund that church members may give to regularly or as the need arises. Grieving families could quietly approach the overseer of that fund and make it known that they have a need, and all could be handled quietly and carefully between the family and the funeral home.”

Generational Curses Part 1: An Introduction – “From the very beginning of time, the wicked have been been attempting to deceive those to whom God has revealed his truth.  Those deceptions have sometimes been blatant, but more often than not they’ve been subtle; somewhat-credible sounding ideas that generally fly under the radar of most folks.  In the last few decades, one of the most widespread errors I’ve encountered is the error of generational curses. There is no single version of the error of generational curses, but it’s an error that has found acceptance with a lot of people.  For introductory purposes, let’s answer two questions…”

Must Reformed Christians Be Cessationist? – “However much Wayne Grudem wants non-canonical prophecy to remain non-canonical, any alleged Word from God is bound to be canonical in the nature of the case. A canon is a rule. if God speaks to us, it is, by that very fact, a rule. We cannot say, ‘Oh well, I know that God said x, but that’s just his opinion.’ I was nearly persuaded by Grudem’s arguments—indeed there was a time when I would have been glad for Grudem to be right—but ultimately I concluded that his argument is really too weak to be credible. Agabus is a difficult case for anyone and certainly a poor resting place for Grudem’s case and his exegesis of Ephesians is not convincing either. I think Dick Gaffin’s responses on these fronts are right.”



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“All death can do to the believer is deliver him to Jesus.  It brings us into the eternal presence of our Savior.” – John MacArthur