NIAW ’17: Sometimes There’s Never a Pregnancy

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have to be honest. Sometimes, one of the hardest aspects of infertility as a follower of Christ are the seemingly endless articles that go like this: “I can’t get pregnant. So I prayed really, really hard. And I asked my pastor/preacher/teacher/friend/husband/mentor to pray over me. And now my little bundle of joy is playing at my feet while I try to figure out the cutest way to announce baby #2 is on the way. Tee hee.” Or the women in churches who have had five children, and still claim to be infertile. If you have popped out five kids in less than eight years, you aren’t infertile. Or the pastors and well-meaning teachers who continually say, “Just keep praying, and … Read More

It Is Not Supposed to Be This Way

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Matthew 27:57-66; Psalm 3:1-8 eath is an enemy, the ultimate antagonist that seems as if it will eventually claim victory over each of us. However, the truth remains, it isn’t supposed to be this way. Yes, death is a part of life marked by the fall, however, we should never believe the lie that this is how it was meant to be. I am certain that you have felt the sting of death in your life. Some of us are acutely aware of the pain of loss. I have experienced the evaporation of dreams and watched future plans crumble before me when my first wife of 17 years suddenly died leaving me not only a widower, but a single dad … Read More

Book Review: The Prodigal Church by Jared C. Wilson

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ared C. Wilson has written the book I’ve wanted to write for 10 years, but didn’t know where to begin. The problem is so large, so complicated, so involved, with too many emotions woven into it. For me, I’ve struggled with frustration, bitterness, sorrow, even despair over what I experienced, as well as with what I know countless other Christians have experienced—being chewed through the gears of the seeker/attractional church movement. Wilson faces this giant head-on in The Prodigal Church: A Gentle Manifesto Against the Status Quo. Frankly, the book is so honest, so direct, so revealing, that I couldn’t put it down. I found myself hunched over, highlighter in hand, repeating phrases like, “Yes!” and “Thank you” and “Spot … Read More

Walking Through Ephesians: A Devotional (Part 1A)

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magine a city with me for a moment. It’s a prestigious, major world capital. Being a bustling financial centre means it is quite a wealthy city as well. To throw something else into the mix, there are all kinds of spirituality on tap in this very pluralistic society. By God’s providence, you have the opportunity to write one letter – what do you write? I think if Paul were to write a letter to the Church in London, England (where I call home) in 2016, he’d probably write a little something like Ephesians and I imagine most cities and towns where my readers live would be little different. This is the first in a series of devotional expositions in Paul’s letter to … Read More

Andy Stanley’s Statements about the Bible are not Cutting Edge—They’re Old Liberalism

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was at the recent ERLC Onward Conference listening when Russell Moore was having a conversation about ministry and preaching with Andy Stanley. I was startled when Stanley said he preaches some sermons without ever quoting the Bible. He views these sermons as extended introductions. Stanley also said we do not believe Christianity because of the Bible, but because of the resurrection and eyewitness testimonies. A couple of years ago, Stanley said that preachers should stop saying, “The Bible says,” a position he reaffirmed during the conversation (Link). I have criticized some of Stanley’s position in the past but I’ve also long admired many things about Andy Stanley’s ministry. I was trying to give him a generous hearing, perhaps I thought, … Read More

Are You Occupied With The Word?

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ave you ever been so occupied by something you were completely immersed in the task or activity? So involved that your thoughts and actions were totally compelled by the endeavor? Such things are usually good and important things involving family, church, hobbies, and careers. During these fast-paced times and packed-out calendars it is no secret that our attention is commanded and occupied in many different ways. As I was reading in Acts 18 one morning this week, my eyes rested on this verse: When Silas and Timothy arrived from Macedonia, Paul was occupied with the word, testifying to the Jews that the Christ was Jesus (Acts 18:5 ESV). After reading this I had to stop and search my heart. When … Read More

Why Obadiah is the Best Book in the Bible

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here are times when the justice of God seems slow. When others hurt us, and then seem to carry on without remorse, we tend to wonder, “Why, Lord?” Like the psalmist, we ask, “Why do the wicked prosper?” Israel had many enemies, yet none was as traitorous as Edom. However, the Lord is not slow to act in His good time. The prophet Obadiah tells of the coming judgment of a people who wrongfully rejoiced in Israel’s sufferings. Main Themes: The Judgment of Edom Favorite verses: “’For the day of the Lord draws near on all the nations, as you have done, it will be done to you. Your dealings will return on your own head.’” (Obadiah 15)

BLOCKED! Engaging False Teachers on Social Media

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have noticed a curious trend on social media as of late, one of which I have also been tempted to entertain.  The trend is this idea of purposely seeking to have one’s social media account blocked by any number of false teachers and heretics.  On its face this seems relatively harmless and, in fact, some may subconsciously think it to be an affirmation of one’s outstanding holiness or, even further, affirmation of their salvation. Brothers and sisters, this ought not be so. Please understand, I am not writing from a position of self-righteousness. I do not intend to somehow showcase my holiness by sitting on high and policing social media interactions.  Rather, I hope and pray this article will give … Read More

Why Amos is the Best Book in the Bible

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he Word of God is the most valuable thing we have in the world today. In it, we find the revelation of the Lord Jesus, the righteous requirement of God, and the gospel by which sinners can be saved. While the Bible tells us that “faith comes by hearing… the word of Christ” (Rom. 10:17), the absence of the Word renders saving faith impossible. When a people become rebellious toward God, and their hearts are hardened, they invite His judgment. And in the Lord’s judgment, He removes His blessings, His protection, and His Word. However, when the absence of God’s grace is felt, the realization of His righteous character is manifested. Main Themes: The Righteousness of God Favorite verses: “’Therefore, … Read More

Are You One of Jesus’ Sheep? (Part 5)

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n this series of posts we have been looking at how Jesus describes His sheep in John 10 and we have established that Jesus provides five marks about His sheep in John 10:3-9. Again, those five marks are: Jesus’ sheep enter through Him. (vs. 9) Jesus’ sheep hear His voice. (vs. 3) Jesus’ sheep follow Him. (vs. 4) Jesus’ sheep know His voice. (vs. 4) Jesus’ sheep do not recognize the voice a stranger. (vs. 5) In the previous posts we looked at the first, second, fourth, and third marks of Christ’s sheep. In this post we will move forward to consider the final mark.