Book Review: “Sexual Fidelity: No Compromise” by Mike Abendroth

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It’s no mystery that we are living in unparalleled times.  The Industrial Revolution gave birth to the information age, which has brought us immeasurable benefits.  However, it has also provided culture the tools to sin in ways never imaginable before.  In the past year, the headlines have been bursting with news stories about sex. From the same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court, to the Josh Duggar sex abuse scandal, to the Ashley Madison website hack— we’ve simply been clobbered with the harsh reality that things are not getting any better with regards to sin, namely sexual sin.  Divorce rates are through the roof, co-habitation between unmarried couples is the societal norm, homosexuality is accepted in the public square, and pornography is a thriving industry.

And right in the crosshairs of the barrage of sexual machine-gun fire is the church.


Mike Abendroth

Sadly, many Christians have fallen victim to temptation and engaged in detestable sexual sin. Even inside the church, the statistics are both staggering and depressing. And while the world points and laughs at our failures, it could certainly feel like crushing defeat for believers.  But our gracious God continues to use trials, suffering, and sinful failures to chasten and discipline Christian believers.  As more and more people have been brought to their knees before Holy God, there have been many faithful teachers who have come alongside to instruct, exhort, and rebuke the church for her edification and for God’s glory.

Enter Mike Abendroth.

Sexual Fidelity: No Compromise could not have come at a better time.  Not only is the material raw and accessible, but it speaks to every facet of the current landscape in the realm of sexuality.  Abendroth writes in the same way he speaks— intelligent and precise, yet punchy and direct. This book is a much-needed sucker-punch to the gut.  To be honest, it’s hard to nail this book down.  It’s written in a devotional style, 30 chapters, but it is much more than a devotional.  The best way I can describe it is part Men’s book, part theological treatise, part devotional, part Bible study, part self-help book, and part battle-axe.

There is no rigid format.  Each chapter tackles a different part of sexuality: marriage, dating, purity, desire, pleasure, pornography, singleness, homosexuality, theology, adultery, anatomy, worship, etc.  The book is designed to be read over the course of a month, so each day will have you thinking about different related topics, thus keeping your attention.  If you pressed me to give a simple answer, I would say Sexual Fidelity is the Book of Proverbs— NoCo style. It’s orthodoxy broken down and set on fire.  It reads in the tone of a father writing to his son, which is how the book was born.

In truth, Mike Abendroth is a cunning wordsmith:

  • Speaking of the problem of the human heart, he writes, “…the human heart is the sniper that assassinates things God created for good.” (p. 5)
  • On Christians engaging in sexual sin, he writes, “Sexual sin is like bringing all your church members into the Red Light District for the hiring of a prostitute.” (p. 27)
  • On the reality of the devaluing of God in culture, he writes, “Unfortunately, the modern culture, both inside the visible church and in the world, has maximized the love of God at the expense of the holiness of God.” (pp. 63-64)
  • On the issue of mitigating sexual desire, he writes, “Sexual pyro-maniacs must marry.  If you are aflame with passion, burning with desire for sexual intimacy, then wed.” (p. 68)

I did not intend for these short chapters of biblical wisdom to inoculate you from God’s truth, but to vaccinate you against the kind of sex that the world is selling as fast as Starbucks makes lattes.Mike Abendroth
But more than just pithy one-liners, Abendroth demonstrates a sincere heart that aches for the reader.  You can almost hear his voice behind the words, begging the reader, “Since God has been so good to you, respond with sexual purity. God has granted eternal life, a promise of heaven, the banishment of sin’s punishment and more, and this should foster a thankful and submissive heart.” (p. 74)

This is a pastor’s heart.

By his own admission, the book is not exhaustive.  How could it be?!  Each topic deserves multiple tomes.  Rather, Mike Abendroth has offered the church “a biblical worldview, in small doses and in ‘no compromise’ style.” (p. 174)  The book is a series of 30 hip-checks, to keep your head in the game.

“I did not intend for these short chapters of biblical wisdom to inoculate you from God’s truth, but to vaccinate you against the kind of sex that the world is selling as fast as Starbucks makes lattes.” (p. 174)

Thank you for that, Dr. Mike!

Great book, great heart— all for the glory of a great God and Savior.

(Note: Click here to listen to author and Pastor, Mike Abendroth, discuss this book with Landon and Nate.)

Title: Sexual Fidelity: No Compromise
Author: Mike Abendroth
Publisher: NoCo Media, 2016.

Purchase: Amazon

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