A Public Apology and A Resignation from Pulpit & Pen

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James 5:16 [ESV] “Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”

In the time that has passed since publishing this public apology, as I have grown in my sanctification and reflected on my actions as part of the Pulpit & Pen blog, it has become apparent that I must more clearly and vociferously renounce any association with or subtle endorsement of Pulpit & Pen. I can no longer in good Christian conscience recommend including that ministry to fellow believers. While many of the issues P&P raises are valid, many others are not; and even more attack the brethren unnecessarily and often in unfounded ways.  I pray that our Savior may open the eyes of those contributing to come to repentance as He so graciously did for me. Soli Deo Gloria, Landon.

Unless you’ve been living under a social media rock the last week or so, you’ve no doubt been made aware of the conflict between Pulpit & Pen and Dr. Karen Swallow Prior.  As of the time of this publishing, a resolution seems nowhere in sight and the entire ordeal has served nothing more than to fracture the body of Christ greatly.  Regretfully, I had a hand in promulgating this conflict by taking part in a podcast at Pulpit & Pen without having researched the facts myself first.

To be clear, I disagree with Dr. Prior’s approach to evangelism in some areas.  However, I was out of line to opine the way I did before making myself one-hundred percent clear on the facts of the situation.  For that error, I publicly repent and apologize to Dr. Prior and ask her forgiveness for the uncharitable treatment she received from me personally and the ramifications that may have stemmed from my public comments.

We are living in times where discernment has all but disappeared and it is thus important that we have those who keep an eye out for error.  However, there are ways in which to be discerning while remaining Biblical and charitable.

Having said that, I am stepping down from my position as Editor and Contributor at Pulpit & Pen effective immediately.  I have been greatly edified during my time at P&P but, through prayer and meditation, it has become clear that it is time for me to respectfully step down.  I have nothing but love for the brothers there and their ministry.  This is a personal decision based upon personal convictions and wise counsel from my elders, Pastor, and men I respect around the globe, and should not in any way reflect poorly on Pulpit & Pen as a whole.  I sincerely thank Pastor Hall for offering me this opportunity and wish he and the other contributors nothing but the best moving forward.

I pray through this situation that God is ultimately glorified and the body of Christ is strengthened.  We live in trying times in America and it is only going to get worse.  We must band together over the Truth of Scripture and preach the Gospel to those who are lost and in danger of eternal conscious torment.

Thank you all for your support of EntreatingFavor.com and the Fire Away Podcast and I pray it continues to edify the Saints.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Landon Chapman

Landon Chapman

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Founder of Entreating Favor, writer, and host of the Fire Away! podcast. He is an architect by vocation and professes the Bible to be the infallible, inerrant, Word of God. He and his wife Holly have two children.

39 Comments on “A Public Apology and A Resignation from Pulpit & Pen”

  1. Never easy to admit error and repent. Very encouraged when a brother publicly does so. Well done.

      1. Landon

        Good afternoon, sister. Thank you for visiting the site. I’m not quite certain of what you are speaking. Would you care to elaborate? Thanks.

        1. I don’t understand how you repent and resign from a post with apology and then come back later without explanation and disavow that same place.

          People were congratulating you. Maybe you could consider explaining your 180. Of course it is your blog so you can do what you want, but it doesn’t look good. It could be you have some terrific reasons and maybe that should have been another post versus a retraction on top of your repentance. It just seems weird.

          1. Landon

            With all due respect, Madame, I think there is a misunderstanding here.

            //I don’t understand how you repent and resign from a post with apology and then come back later without explanation and disavow that same place.//

            In my original apology, it was specific to a single person (to whom I had already privately apologized) and the repentance that followed was for my sinful words toward her.

            //People were congratulating you. //

            I have never been comfortable with this in any aspect of my life, and especially not here. Folks on this post were very kind to do so, but I do not revel in being congratulated for rightly repenting publicly for my public sin against Mrs. Prior.

            // Maybe you could consider explaining your 180. //

            This is where become a bit perplexed regarding your comments.

            //It could be you have some terrific reasons and maybe that should have been another post versus a retraction on top of your repentance.//

            I’m perplexed because there is no retraction here. The only thing that my disclaimer (added nearly a year after the original post) served to provide was a clear, concise, but kind denouncing of the ministry of which I used to be a part. There was/is no retraction regarding my conviction of having needed to repent and ask for Mrs. Prior’s forgiveness.

            If you mean to say I should expound on the reason for my denouncing of Pulpit & Pen, I will respectfully disagree and politely decline that well-meaning advice. I do not wish to engage in a public tit-for-tat and have spent the past 16 months purposely ignoring barbs lobbed my way from that organization. Anyone curious as to my current stance is welcome to contact me privately at info@entreatingfavor.com to inquire regarding my concerns.

            My sincerest thanks to you for reaching out. I hope this cleared some things up for you.

            God bless.

          2. Thank you for responding. It didn’t clear it up though. Your original “repentance post” praised the place you resigned from then you later came back to the top of that post and said you wanted nothing to do with them. You bother to put that disavowal in writing but decline to say why leaving your readers to speculate. That is why I made my original observation.

            Again, thank you for responding.

          3. Landon

            Ah, I understand now. I thought you were implying I retracted my repentance/apology, which I did not. Yes, you are correct that I felt necessary to add the further distinction regarding Pulpit & Pen after speaking well of them in the original article.

            That said, I fully understand your contention that it could be confusing and also understand why it may come across “weird”. But, as I mentioned, I have no desire to go into detail as to why I no longer support or recommend that ministry; in part because I think the issues are Biblically identifiable and because I’ve attempted to shift this blog away from contention into primarily teaching (not exclusively, but primarily).

            I would encourage anyone who would like to know specifics of my decision to contact my by email or social media for clarification.

            Again, I do appreciate you reaching out and voicing your concern. Your points are understandable and valid, but through prayer and guidance from my elders, this is the path I have chosen.

            God bless.

          4. OK. I may contact you. I haven’t visited their site but a couple times. I didn’t see anything that set off my radar, but maybe it is a matter not easily discernible at first glance. Thanks.

  2. Yet another reason I’m glad that I DO, in fact, live under that social media rock of which the author writes.

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  4. Ok, I’ll be the divisive one here and ask… what exactly are you repenting of? I’m VERY concerned by the woman in question and her beliefs, evasivness, etc (and the photoshoot at the gay Christian film festival and the Transgender bathroom remarks aren’t cause for incredible concern???). You said a few podcasts ago that you lost your job and that it had to do with your faith. That alone, in these times, is worthy of multiple podcasts. But you give no explanation or reason or info or anything. There are many people who wait for and listen to your podcasts and read your posts and find them very inspiring. If the world, and the prince of it, has beaten down and got the better of Landon Chapman and silenced him, then we (true Christian discerners of The Word) are in a lot more trouble then I thought.

    1. Landon

      Mr. Hoover, I appreciate your concern and your very generous comments about me and my character. Rest assured, repenting of my treatment of Dr. Prior is in no way affirmation of very concerning issues of which she has taken part. I have contacted Dr. Prior through email privately and she is fully aware that while I am sorry for treating a sister in Christ so uncharitably, I do not agree with many of her public stances and actions.

      We must continue to stand for Truth, but that does not mean we cast aside kindness. One may be both kind and bitingly truthful all at once.

      Again, I thank you for your concern and for your kind comments, but you may rest assured that I have not capitulated on standing for Truth. Rather, I’m seeking to grow in holiness and stand for truth whilst continually seeking to conform my life to Christ.

      God bless, brother.

      – Landon

      P.S. If you would like to discuss further, you are always free to contact me at entreatingfavor@gmail.com.

  5. I appreciate your decision and all that you have done to make things right with Dr. Prior. However, I do wonder if what you have said here is enough?
    From what I can gather, you said some things on a public podcast about someone you now, at least, consider to be a sister in Christ, which were ill-informed, or untrue. And so, though you continue to disagree with many of the issues raised, you have, as far as I can discern, only vaguely described how you were in error.
    Considering that what you said was said publicly, and has led others to have an inaccurate view of this woman, is it not incumbent upon you to be more specific, especially since you have said that you maintain your conviction that some of what you said should stand? How are those who listened to know what is true and what is not?
    I understand your desire to bring this to an end, but I honestly don’t believe that it is unfair to the listeners or to Dr. Prior to leave your statements in such an ambiguous state.
    Just food for thought.

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  8. Hello, I may have missed this, but could you please tell us when you shared your “update”?

    Thank you for sharing this.

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