70 [Twitter] Resolutions: Personal Guidelines for Online Interaction

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Jonathan Edwards was devoted to holiness, and one of the means by which he disciplined himself was by the use of drafting and following a series of resolutions. In his life, he would pen 70 of these resolutions. While he lamented his own struggle to keep them all, he still endeavored to strive for Christlikeness.

In the wake of my #95TwitterTheses campaign last month, which was an attempt to introduce biblical prescriptions for interacting online, I followed it up with a series of #70TwitterResolutions. While the ‘Theses’ were derived from Scripture, the ‘Resolutions’ are my attempt to synthesize and apply the truths of Scripture.

My purpose in tweeting these was to help clarify my own thinking as to how I might engage online, specifically Twitter. These are not binding to any other person, nor are they hard and fast for me. In fact, I very well may unintentionally violate them! But working through this exercise has proved helpful for me, as I think through everything I do and say online.

Maybe a few of these resolutions will prove to be helpful for you; maybe you will feel motivated to draft your own.

Nate Pickowicz

Nate Pickowicz

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Nate Pickowicz is the pastor/planter of Harvest Bible Church in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. After being called into ministry in 2009, he led a team to plant in 2013. He and his wife Jessica have two children.