The Round-Up (April 16, 2014)

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Would Paul Have Used Video?  Here’s a better question… – Another thoughtful article over at Blogging Theologically.

Why Theological Study is for Everyone – Every Christian is already a theologian… including you!

Why Males Struggle With Friendships – An insightful look into Biblical manhood.

A Bubba With a Passion for the Gospel and Golf – A fascinating read on the most recent winner of golf’s “The Masters” tournament and his faith.

3 Ways to Be A Better Christian Hypocrite – Very funny satirical piece on us Christians.


Mark Driscoll – Humor (Religion Saves)


Hank Hanegraaff (The Bible Answer Man) – Four Blood Moons/ False Teachers: Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, and Creflo Dollar


Debunking the Four Blood Moons, Part 1

Debunking the Four Blood Moons, Part 2

“Satan can do only what the sovereign God allows him to do.”  – R.C. Sproul