The Round-Up (May 21, 2014)

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Theological Primer: Law and Gospel – The Heidelberg Catechism (1563) is largely composed of three elements: the Apostles’ Creed (Lord’s Day 7-22), the Ten Commandments (Lord’s Day 34-44), and the Lord’s Prayer (Lord’s Day 45-52). It’s worth noting, as many have, that this most beloved of all Catechisms includes its exposition of the Law in the section on gratitude, not in the section on guilt. This choice reflects the widespread Reformation belief in the so-called third use of the law.

Who Is A Heretic? – From time to time I read a blog or hear someone call another person a “heretic.” Recently a blogfriend asked me how I would define “heretic” or “heresy.” I’ve been asked this about two people, and I won’t use names but it wouldn’t be hard to figure out about whom it was asked. Yes, the term “heretic” can both be defined and describes a reality, though some would like to think the term is now obsolete (like Model T sales strategies).

Four and a half books I shouldn’t have read as a new Christian – Last week, I shared five books I would encourage every new Christian read. In that post, I mentioned that in my first years as a believer, I read a lot of books I simply should not have. At all. Which ones were they? Here are five… well, four and a half…

Hope That Can’t Be Shaken – “I hope that this isn’t a brief season in the history of Oklahoma City where churches are loving each other well and loving the city well. I hope that this raises the standard for what it means to be the community of Jesus in our city.”

Freeing the Church from Pharisee Influence – The Pharisees meant well—they truly did. And yet, they struggled against Christ at nearly every step.  And while there were Pharisees, like Nicodemus, who sincerely desired to understand Jesus, he still publicly called them out over their practices and blind spots.


Matt Chandler – Overcoming Our Prejudices Through Christ


What is Sharia Law?

Propaganda – Be Present

Why do bad things happen to good people? That only happened once, and He volunteered.”  – R.C. Sproul